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30 years 

 of excellence

 in language     education 

Chiba Language School is a full day English & Japanese immersion school for students age 2 to 12. For more than 30 years, we have prepared our students to thrive in an international environment.

We provide a safe and fun learn environment for our students through customized curriculum designed by CLS team. In addition to developing critical thinking, problem solving, and good characters, students completing all CLS programs will achieve independence in English & Japanese reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

We are passionate about providing the best education at CLS to prepare our students for any opportunity that will open up in the future!



A fully immersive English and Japanese experience, designed with long-term learning and fluency in mind.



Students gain global experience, enriching their education, and building the groundwork for a successful future.




Small class sizes ensure each student receives optimal attention, and allows our teachers to devote the time necessary to ensure success in the classroom.


30,000+ Books

in CLS Library

(English & Japanese)

20 Schools

from abroad and

Taiwan visited CLS.

17 Countries

represented visited CLS

30+ Years

of accumulated teaching resources.There's always something new to use in class.

17 Celebration

of holidays year around at CLS

(Western, Japanese, Taiwanese)

20 Partnerships

with Japan, N.Z,

Singapore, Taiwan, U.S,

(present and past)

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