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Student Teaching Opportunities

Chiba Language School offers student teaching opportunities for all university students (preferrably Early Childhood Education majors, Elementary Education majors, and similar degree programs.) At Chiba we believe a global teaching experience not only looks great on resumes but is a fulfilling and necessary part of a future teacher’s education.


What will I teach?

You will gain hands on experience teaching pre-k to sixth grade: reading, math, history, science, and art.

Do I need to know Chinese?

No knowledge of Chinese is necessary; all classes are taught in English.

How long is it?

We offer two month summer session available for the months of June and July.

What about volunteer credits?

Up to 30+ volunteer hours available with Lotus Light Charity Society (Optional).

Cost of an Internship Abroad

  • Housing - Free with Host Family or at teacher's apartment

  • Meals - Free at Chiba and with Host Family

  • Airfare - Return flight reimbursement

  • Compensation - weekly allowance

  • Weekend Travel - Student's Responsibility

  • VISA - 90 Day Visa-Exempt Entry Offered for the following countries

  • Leisure Activities -  Student's Responsibility

Hear from Past Interns

Mr. Connor

University of Central Oklahoma

"My time at Chiba has assuredly been the most memorable and eye opening part of my college career! The food, the environment, and the culture were so exciting and different. My host family was so kind and couldn't have taken better care of me. As far as teaching, I was able to learn about different methods from Great Britain, Japan, and Taiwan while working with the local and foreign teachers. The kids were so smart and well behaved, I would recommend student teaching at Chiba to anyone who is looking to get a different perspective and a lot of experience."

Mr. Ibashi

Japan Meio University (Japan)

“During my internship at Chiba Language School, I was really shocked about the children’s language ability. When the children face Japanese teachers, they naturally speak in Japanese. When the children face English teachers, they naturally speak in English. They speak the three languages (English, Japanese, and Mandarin) as their mother languages. Children’s ability to problem solve and absorb language also surprised me. I am grateful of this internship opportunity and the valuable experience that I have gained.”

Miss Yamashita

Mei University (Japan)

"First of all, I would like to thank Chiba Language School for allowing me to have this opportunity to do an internship here. Before I came to the school, I was surprised to hear that the kindergarten children learn two foreign languages. After I came and saw how children learn in English & Japanese environment, I was even more surprised to see children can express themselves in English and Japanese. I believe children learning foreign languages at a young age will give them unlimited possibilities to thrive in our global world. Lastly, this internship is a good experience to understand how children learn language. "

Miss Sharon

Purdue University

“After spending two months at Chiba Language School, I am grateful for the opportunity to intern with an amazing team of teachers. Not only where they attentive to the students, but their approach to teaching such a wide range of age groups allowed me to learn so much from them. The children’s ability to pick up language so easily made the experience more rewarding than I ever imagined. Working in such a tight knit community such as Chiba Language School, I have been able to pick up skills that I will continue to use in my future endeavors."

Miss Ko

National Pingtung University

"Chiba Language School is one of the few kindergartens that teach English and Japanese. I saw how children improved very quickly when they are immersed in the environment, especially the youngest children. I learned that taking care of the children is not something easy to do, but I will temporarily forget the hardship when seeing their growth. We learn together with the children everyday!"

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