Since Chiba Language School was founded in 1985, we have taught hundreds of students. In order to keep in touch with our graduates, CLS' Alumni Association was officially formed in 2008. We have an annual CLS Alumni Meet Up at the school on the third Thursday in July. It is a day for our alumni to get together to share fun childhood memories. It is very rewarding for us to watch every student grow and become wonderful teenagers and adults.


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I joined Chiba Language School (CLS) when I was five and began my journey of learning two foreign languages (English and Japanese). Moreover, I met my best friends, Rachel, Linda and Emma there. Even after graduating from CLS, the years of participating in Chiba’s Summer and Winter camp have become some of my most memorable. I appreciated the interesting curriculum (i.e. cooking class, drama class, etc), not just learning from textbooks, but learning language from our life. In addition, the trips abroad with CLS – our Kindergarten graduation trip to Japan and 2006 ESL Cultural Camp in USA – were extraordinary. Although it was just a short few weeks and a month, it was an enriching experience.


Because of the advantage my language ability conferred, I was honored to be selected as the Japanese interpreter and host of 2011 DaTung High School Sister School Exchange Association and 2012 Taiwan International Association for Education Tours. With the help and guidance of CLS' principal, I was able to successfully establish good relationships and unforgettable memories for both schools.


It was only after growing up that I realized the importance of learning foreign language and international etiquette.  Developing that outlook at a young age has such a great impact of the globalized era of today. I’m very grateful to my parents, CLS' principal, and my best friends for being at my side.

University of Groningen

Soochow University


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I remember that learning languages wasn't my thing, it's not a thing that occurred to me as, say, important by any means, but even then, in Chiba I've still managed to learn English and Japanese, and oh boy did it make a difference now, being able to read Japanese books with out translation and speaking "good" English does make a difference.


If I were to go back in time and tell my past self "Hey, do you know you will end up in York university doing Music tech" chances are past me would not know where York is, or would not believe that he would end up speaking English. And he would be surprised that English had carried him this far, and Chiba did a great job pushing me through it.

York University



I believe language is a tool. It can bring our distance closer; it can increase our chance; it can also help our conversation flow smoother. But my favorite benefit of it is having different mindsets to see things.


I established my strong foundation of English and Japanese at Chiba. When the world news is shown in English or Japanese, I can read it in the original text, without translations. It allows me to be more objective and look from the standpoint of different countries.


Thank you to all the teachers at Chiba and Yo Sensei!

Pingtung Meiho High School


Jogging down my memory lane, I remember standing in front of the classroom and gave a self-introduction to the class. From that day on, I was officially part of the Chiba family. Learning two foreign languages at the same time was tough, but we had so much fun in and between classes. We worked hard on every project, and we played hard all the time. I am glad that my parents sent me to Chiba Language School from my early age, which helped gain my confidence in foreign language learning. For me, Chiba was not just a kindergarten, it is a place where I grew up, met my once and a life-time best friends, developed my personalities and language skills. Chiba vivified my life, and I am proud to call myself an alumni.

University of Edinburgh

National Pingtung University


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From the start of kindergarten, through grammar school, and up until junior high Japanese class, I spent the majority of my childhood in Chiba Language School (CLS). Therefore, CLS most definitely has an important place in my heart. I established my foundation for English and Japanese there, and made long lasting friends. By growing in a bilingual environment at Chiba, not only did I learn foreign languages from foreign teachers, but I also experienced the different cultures in person. This absolutely influenced my decision to pursue study tours and/or studying abroad later on. 


I noticed when I was in elementary school that I had more of an advantage in language classes than the others. In our competitive society, with the aid of my language abilities, I gained a distinct advantage.  When I attended an international school in junior high with the majority of classes in English, I was able to keep up and understand my classes fully.  My sophomore year in high school, I became an exchange student in the United States for a year.  During that year, I was able to integrate into the local culture where again, language was never a barrier for me.


The language abilities gained at CLS will always stay with me. I will never forget the education I received.

University of Georgia










University of East Anglia


Schools Attended


Asia University

Chinese Culture University


Chung Shan 

Medical University

I-Shou University

National Central University


Ntl. Kaohsiung 

Normal University

Ntl. Pingtung University


Ntl. Pingtung University of

Science and Technology

National Taiwan University

 Ntl. Taiwan Sport University

Ntl. Tsing Hua University

Soochow University


Wenzao Ursuline University

of Languages

I-Shou International School

Kaohsiung American School

Kaohsiung Senior High

Morrison Academy

Ntl. Pingtung Senior High

Ntl. Pingtung Girl's

Senior High


St. Dominic

Catholic High School


NYU-Abu Dhabi

University of British Columbia

Simon Fraser University

The Juilliard School



University of Georgia

University of Oklahoma

Marshall University

University of Central Oklahoma

Walnut Hill School of Arts

Diamond Ranch

High School

Vermillion High School

Carihi Secondary School

Timberline Secondary School


【Exchange Student】

Cresswell High School

Joliette High School

Manteca High School

Norman North High

North Bend Central High

Pahrump Valley High


University of East Anglia

Durham University

University of Edinburgh

York University

University of Groningen

University of Auckland

Avondale College

Merchiston Castle School


【Exchange Student】


Business School (Denmark)

Sussex Coast College (UK)


Humboldt School


St. Louis School (France)


Seikei High School

【Exchange Student

Waseda University

Hachioii Higashi Senior High School

Sano Nihon University-

High School

Seirin High School

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